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Become a dealer and participate in the many benefits

As a dealer you will gain access to a strong and wide programme which offers the best solutions on the market

Over the years, JKF has built up a large network of dealers, plant manufacturers and wholesalers across the world. We continuously supplement and extend, and we have also space for you. Whether you are a dealer, plant manufacturer or wholesaler you are guaranteed an attractive and unique product programme which meets the legal requirements to ventilation and environment friendly working conditions.

At JKF you will be connected with an Area Sales Manager who will service and support you all the time. Through the Area Sales Manager you also have access to our development department which constantly develops and optimizes our products. The Area Sales Manager, who defines the co-operation agreement together with you, is on a daily basis backed up by an internal customer centre which is in charge of handling the products you buy. Therefore, it is the customer centre which registers your orders and makes sure that everything will be delivered as agreed.

Fill out the form and send it – then we will contact you for a more detailed agreement regarding how you can become a  part of JKF’s dealer network. 

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