Filters save energy
Date: 11/01/2018


Efficient energy-saving


JKF SuperBlower filter chosen because of efficiency and savings

Through F.O.S. Service GmbH in Germany, JKF has supplied a plant for extraction of dust and steams from hot-dip galvanising to a company in Rheine.

The plant consists of a SuperBlower filter (SBF 220S 4,0) with fan, rotary valve and ducting.

Primarily, JKF was chosen because of the documented efficiency and energy-saving of the plant.  JKF's one-stop-shop strategy also played an important role in the choice. A strategy, where all components are supplied by JKF and which not only ensures the most efficient solution. It also ensures a delivery and installation process where all components, drawings and manuals are supplied and present at the same time.