New standard color for EXS-rotary valves
Date: 1/05/2023

New standard color for EXS-rotary valves

JKF wishes to point out that to EXS-rotary valve is a safety component. JKF has therefore decided to change the standard color on the EXS-rotary valve from RAL5010 to RAL3020 (signal red), which also matches the color of the explosion duct valve.


Exs rotary valve as an explosion security component

The importance of safety in the workplace cannot be underestimated regardless of the nature of the work. This applies in all industries, but in industries where an explosive atmosphere is potentially generated, of course, even greater demands are made for safety of the highest quality

In cases where machines and equipment are to be used in explosive atmospheres, they must comply with the ATEX Directive, and this is where the EXS-rotary valve can be used as a safety component.


The purpose of the ATEX directive is to prevent explosions and if the explosions cannot be prevented, any damage to persons, buildings, and other constructions must be minimized.

The EXS-rotary valve is in fact quite simple. It ensures that the explosion and the flames are immersed so that the damage does not spread to other systems via the bottom of the filter. In this way, the rotary valve acts as a security component in the same way as other safety measures, such as an explosion duct valves

The EXS-rotary valve can be used for inside zones 22, 21 and 20.


Standard vs. Exs

The EXS-rotary valve basically works the same way as a standard rotary valve, but is subject to stricter requirements regarding documentation in order to be certified.
The EXS-rotary valve can be used as a safety component if there is any danger related to the ATEX-zone in the filter, and that's why we believe at JKF that an EXS-rotary valve is a necessity if you are using an explosion duct valve in the installation.

In addition, to explosion duct valves the table below gives a quick overview of when to use the EXS rotary valve